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There’s a lot of value in a van. Not only is there the list price that you paid for it, but if you’re a small business, it can be your lifeblood in terms of getting to the clients and customers who need your skills – that’s what keeps the money coming in. Then there’s the value of the tools you might use, as well as any materials. As a result of all this, van security should be a top priority for anybody with a commercial vehicle as part of their business.

    • Loom Guard

      • Instant Protection
      • No user input required to ensure protection
      • Solid aluminium construction ensures maximum protection
      • Bright visual deterrent
      • Unique bespoke applications address specific vehicle vulnerabilities
      • Proactive design protects against future entry methods
      • Easy installation
      • Neat high quality stainless steel finish
      • Great visual deterrent— high security internal fixing plates & fixings
      • Covers damage if your vehicle has already been subject to attack
      • High Security Low Maintence Semi-Automatic System
      • Inter-Locking (Anti-Jemmy) Rear Body
      • Anti-Pick Lock & Hardened Steel Bolt
      • Unique Angled Body Deflects Blows From a Hammer
    • Transit Door Keepers - Van Security picture of a transit van side door with door keepers fitted
      • Constructed with high grade stainless steel
      • Great visual deterrent
      • Low maintenance
      • Prevents your vehicles bodywork from being severely damaged
      • Easy installation – no specialist tools required
      • Instant protection
    • Disklok Steering wheel lock

      • Sold Secure approved
      • Prevent airbag theft from modern vehicles
      • Deter electronic theft of modern vehicles
      • Suitable for all vehicles