Trackstar CAT 5


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Price includes installation nationwide, at a time and place to suit you. Our engineers are approved by both Trackstar and Thatcham.

  • Thatcham Category 5 Approved
  • Pan-European service
  • Protects vehicle from key theft
  • Early warning theft alerts including Motion sensing & Tow at height
  • Battery disconnect alert
  • Tamper alert


Trackstar Cat 5 Tracker

The Trackstar Cat 5 tracker uses an advanced driver recognition system (ADR) as part of the Thatcham Category 5 criteria, which meets all insurance requirements for Category 5 Tracking.


  • Functions as standard
  • Secure GPS/GSM unit
  • Global coverage
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Internal lithium battery back-up
  • Anti-tamper alert
  • Driver recognition tags
  • Alarm to Secure Operations Centre when tag not present
  • Thatcham approved CAT 5
  • Police endorsed
  • Manufacturer approved by Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, BMW, Mini
  • Suitable for any make of vehicle
  • Features in addition to CAT 6
  • Driver recognition tags – the  unit will alert Trackstar Secure Operations Centre (SOC) in the event of vehicle theft using owner’s keys, when tags are not present.
  • Remote immobilisation (with Police authorisation)

The trackstar Cat 5 offers comprehensive protection for any kind of vehicle. With advanced GPS and GSM technology, police authorised immobilisation and Europe-wide coverage, this vehicle tracking system will supercharge vehicle recovery and make sure you’re never without your car, van or bike again.


GPS vehicle tracker

Trackstar CAT 5 takes vehicle protection to the next level. The innovative car tracking device is approved by thatcham, with a highly dependable category 5 rating. It aims to tackle even the most advanced thieves who tamper with built-in security systems, alerting users immediately if anyone attempts to steal, tamper with or tow your vehicle.


Looking to reduce insurance premiums? Trackstar CAT 5 is fully approved by most insurance companies, who recognise that the chance of your vehicle being stolen are minimised with the vehicle tracking system in place. If the worst was to happen, you’re far more likely to track your vehicle down without the need for an insurance pay-out. That’s why a number of insurers offer lower quotes for vehicles with a Trackstar CAT 5 vehicle tracker.


Small GPS tracker

If your tracker is visible, some thieves may attempt to disable the system, or remove it entirely, before stealing your vehicle. However, Trackstar prides itself on its discreet security. With small, compact devices, car owners can feel confident that their vehicle is protected. Not only will your device be unnoticeable, you will also receive an instant alert if any attempt is made to tamper with the tracking system. In short, the chances of your car being stolen and irretrievable are much lower.


But what do you do if a thief manages to get their hands on your car keys? The Trackstar CAT 5 is complete with a Driver Authentication Device. Each tracking unit is paired with a unique wireless tag. If there’s an attempt to drive or move the vehicle without the tag being present, an alarm will be sent to the monitoring centre immediately. This allows the centre to alert you to the movement and begin tracking your car right away, increasing the likelihood of a successful recovery.


Expert installation team

Protecting your vehicle couldn’t be easier with a Trackstar CAT 5 tracker. Simply give us a call or order through the website. Send us your vehicle information and we will be in touch straight away to arrange installation within a maximum of two weeks. One of our Thatcham approved engineers will then meet you at a convenient location, whether it’s at home, work or a local garage, to install your new tracker.


All CAT 5 trackers come with access to the Trackstar App – available on Apple and Android – allowing you to stay on top of your tracking no matter where you are. Check your vehicle’s location, replay previous journeys and keep track of your speed through the app for complete peace of mind and comfort. You can even set a personalised geofence around your most common areas, receiving an instant alert if the vehicle is moved outside of the geofence.



The Trackstar CAT 5 has a number of useful features to improve vehicle tracking for users:


Driver recognition system – A wireless tag prevents key theft, alerting you to any attempt to move the vehicle if the tag isn’t present

Tamper detection – Receive instant alerts if the system is tampered with, the battery is disconnected or the vehicle is towed

GPS & GSM technology – Benefit from advanced tracking technology, with Europe-wide coverage and nationwide police authorisation

24/7 control centre – Get peace of mind that your vehicle is monitored at all hours from the Trackstar control centre

Automatic activation – As soon as you leave your vehicle or switch off the engine, your tracker will automatically kick into action

Not sure if this is the right product for you? Have a question and want to speak to an expert? No problem – email or call us now, for free no obligation advice. t: 01489 630025

11 reviews for Trackstar CAT 5

  1. Ian Luff

    I love how user-friendly the app is, This truly is the ultimate protection for my car.

  2. Wendy Richards

    I’m happy this tracker is around to help keep my vehicle safe. Been hearing more and more news about car theft, which is why I’m happy this tracker is around to help keep my vehicle safe.

  3. Michael Page

    Happy to report that everything’s running smoothly!
    Thank you guys so much for assisting me with my purchase. Happy to report that everything’s running smoothly!

  4. Drew Nelson

    Trackstar CAT 5 is worth the investment.
    I was apprehensive at first because this is the first vehicle tracker Ive ever bought online, but Will and his team were extremely helpful with my choice. The Trackstar CAT 5 is worth the investment.

  5. Jamie Butler

    Great vehicle tracker! Trackstar 5, great vehicle tracker that was able to comply with my insurance policy. Delivered fast and works perfectly.

  6. Val Chang

    “Fantastic vehicle tracker at a reasonable price. Thank you.”

  7. Keira Frasier

    “Pleased to find something thats insurance friendly! Saved me a lot of stress since my insurer offered a lower quote after having this installed

  8. Joel Snow

    Thanks to the helpful champ for advising me which tracker will address all my concerns.
    Found Vehicle Trackers and Security after my car got stolen a few months ago, and Ive been paranoid ever since. I spent time researching what I can do to have peace of mind with my new car, and was happy to find that Vehicle Trackers and Security offers a tracker with 24 hour monitoring as well as being connected to the internet. Thanks to the helpful champ for advising me which tracker will address all my concerns.

  9. Gale Frost

    Cant say enough good things about the Trackstar CAT 5, and the brilliant customer service. Highly recommended since it even comes with a Driver Authentication Device.

  10. Josephine Tan

    A great purchase for any vehicle owner. Incredible, trustworthy product and received it fast!

  11. Liam Robinson

    Thanks VTAS and Will for being so helpful with all my questions!
    Just bought a new car and wanted a vehicle tracker for a security boost. Glad to have come across the Trackstar CAT 5! Its small enough to be discreet and even has a companion app to alert you in case of breach. Thanks VTAS and Will for being so helpful with all my questions!

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