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Price includes installation nationwide, at a time and place to suit you. Our engineers are Thatcham approved…

  • VHF, GSM and GPS location tracking provides Europe wide coverage
  • Motion sensor to detect unauthorised movement
  • Anti jamming tamper alert
  • 24-hour national emergency call centre
  • Approved by all major insurers and motor manufacturers
  • Can be Tracked in Containers & Underground Carparks


Tracker Locate, the best balance functionality and cost

Discover TRACKER Locate, the ultimate security protection for every vehicle. The industry-leading security system uses unique, patented technology to provide pinpoint accuracy, 24/7 alert monitoring and peace of mind for all vehicle owners. Want full knowledge of your vehicle’s whereabouts at any given time? TRACKER Locate is the tracker for you.

Car tracking device

Vehicle security should be the least of your worries with TRACKER Locate. The ground-breaking system combines VHF and GSM technology with standard GPS signalling to provide a more resilient defence to ‘jamming’ attacks. Translation? The tracker’s signal cannot be disrupted or broken, so you can locate your vehicle, no matter where it may be.

Unlike traditional GPS vehicle tracking systems, the unique signal combination cannot be jammed by GPS or GSM jammers. So, police can even track your vehicle to hidden underground car parks or containers. To date, UK police forces have recovered over £490 million worth of stolen vehicles through their collaboration with TRACKER’s vehicle tracking system.

VHF, GSM & GPS tracking

TRACKER locate is a VHF car tracker and GSM tracker rolled into one. The patented combination of VHF, GSM and GPS location tracking signals provides coverage across all of Europe. With an in-built alarm, the system will alert TRACKER if there is any attempt made to jam the communication system.

To install, simply book a timeslot with the TRACKER team and they will fit your new tracker at a location to suit you. Work, home or at the local garage, your device can be quickly fitted at any convenient location.

As well as alerting authorities to any jamming attempts, TRACKER Locate is fitted with geofence alerts, suspected tamper alerts and unauthorised movement alerts, among other security features. So, you can rest assured that your vehicle is protected against all forms of attack.

Easy-to-use vehicle tracking solution

TRACKER Locate is a fuss-free, user-friendly and easy-to-use vehicle tracking device for any car, bike, van or lorry. Download the TRACKER Touch app (available for Android and Apple) for up-to-date alerts of your vehicles’ locations, account management and to unlock personalised offers.

As well as 100% peace of mind, TRACKER Locate could even provide a hefty saving on your next insurance quote. The innovative vehicle tracker makes it less likely that your car will be stolen – and more likely it will be recovered if the worst does happen – meaning a pay-out is less likely for insurers.

TRACKER Locate Specifications

TRACKER Locate’s impressive technology comes with a variety of impressive security features:

  • Patented technology – Allows easy tracking of vehicles, no matter their location
  • Easy to maintain – Set up notifications to let you know if the battery is disconnected or running low
  • Dual technology – Combination of VHF, GSM and GPS tracking prevents criminals from using jammers to block the tracking signal
  • Wide spread recognition – The tracker covers all of Europe, with complete nationwide support from all UK police forces
  • Motion sensor – Inbuilt sensors will alert TRACKER to any unauthorised movement, often preventing theft and allowing authorities to locate culprits
  • Accessible – Users are all granted full access to the My TRACKER website, where they can view a live location and monitor their vehicles’ whereabouts
  • Convenient installation – The TRACKER team will fit your device at a location to suit you, whether that’s at home, work or on the go

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12 reviews for Tracker Locate

  1. James Morgan

    Thanks for the assistance. Really needed this tracker ASAP and I’m so glad I was able to get mine in less than a week! Thanks for the assistance.

  2. Joel Mayhew

    Tracker UK have been a great company to deal with along with VTA Security. I wanted a tracker fitted on a specific day, and Will sorted it out so smoothly, ringing me on the evening of the fitting to ensure all was OK. Would highly recommend Will and his team…

  3. Paul McManus

    No regrets with this purchase, did way beyond expected.

  4. Gonzalo Batt

    Great vehicle tracker!
    VHF, GSM, and GPS signalling technology. If these aren’t enough to convince any car owner that this tracker will be able to locate your car anywhere, i don’t know what will. This is the perfect tracker for those who are in need of a heavy-duty security tracker. Have had mine for a couple of months and dropping a review to express just how amazing it is!

  5. Brian M. (verified owner)

    Tracker Locate
    From first contact through to installation, the whole process was faultless. Service was excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending.

  6. Jeff Folse

    Pleased to find something thats insurance friendly! Tracker Locate is a technologically advanced wonder that wow-ed everyone in my family with its features. Thanks Will for guiding me with this upgrade!

  7. Manuel Vandermolen

    A great purchase for any vehicle owner! Very satisfied with this purchase, good customer service as well.

  8. Marlin Stcyr

    Thanks to the helpful champ for advising me which tracker will address all my concerns. This is the tracker for you if you want to know where your car is all the time. Did not disappoint!

  9. Wally Bongiorno

    Trackstar CAT 5 is worth the investment. Runs smoothly and is easy to maintain.

  10. Clarence Brigman

    Fantastic vehicle tracker at a reasonable price
    Performs better than it claims. Thanks for accommodating my busy schedule to install my tracker for me!

  11. Ernest Ledgerwood

    Cant say enough good things about the Trackstar CAT 5
    The companion application of this tracker makes it 10x more impressive. I get instant alerts in case of any suspicious activity.

  12. Williams Piscitelli

    Thanks VTAS and Will for being so helpful with all my questions! The ultimate security feature of any vehicle.

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