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Driveway security posts

A complete range of security posts from Bulldog and Centinel. A superb solution to prevent roll away theft of any vehicle from your driveway  is to fit a security post.

    • GA80 Fold down post

      • Ideal for securing parking spaces, driveways and forecourts.
      • Easy surface mounted installation.
      • Folds down for ease of use.
      • Stands 710mm high when upright.
      • Folds down to 90mm when flat.
      • Ideal for securing parked cars and caravans.
      • Easily removed
      • Highly visual and effective.
      • Comes with Bulldogs super lock bolt, ground socket and cover plate for when the post is not in use.
    • Centinel C1 Security Post - Driveway Security C1 Driveway security post pictured on a black background

      Centinel C1 Security Post

      • Maintenance free
      • The base plate fits flush with the ground
      • Separate base plates available, so that the post can be used in different locations
      • Keyed alike multiple posts available on request
      • The lock is drill and pick resistant
      • Locates and locks into base seconds (Paramount in bad weather!)
      • Base fits only 18″ below ground (avoiding mains cables and pipework, unlike telescopic posts!)
      • Does not use easily attackable padlocks
      • Accepted by all major insurance companies
      • Stops thieves using your drive as a loading bay
      • Full height is 230mm above ground
      • A hole of 425mm neads to be dug below ground
      • Manufactured from heavy duty 70 x 70 x 3mm box section
      • 50mm internal dimension chain hole, which allows for most security chains to be fitted (Up to 13mm chain)
      • Zinc coated
      • The G1 anchor automatically stays in the upright position when in use
      • It can be locked in the upright position with 70mm discus padlock supplied
    • Centinel T1 Telescopic Security post (100mm x 100mm x 5mm) - Driveway Security Security post pictured on a gravel background.
      • The hole depth under the ground for the bollard is 850mm
      • Fully retracted it stands 550mm above ground
      • Internal locking bar which provided extra security
      • Padlock sited at the top of the post to make it easier to reach and use.
      • Zinc plated finish for extra corrosion resistance
      • Manufactured from heavy duty 100 x 100 x 5mm box section
      • Supplied with 70mm stainless steel discus padlock
      • Very easy to use.
    • Centinel T2 Telescopic Security Post (70x70x3mm) - Driveway Security Telescopic security post pictures on a gravel setting.
      • A completely telescopic security post that sits flush to the ground when stored away
      • A hole of 850mm will be required to fit this into the ground
      • The post stands 550mm above ground when it is being used.
      • Internal locking bar for extra security
      • Padlock sited at the top of the post to make it easier to reach and easier to use.
      • Zinc plated finish for corrosion resistance
      • Manufactured from 70 x 70 x 3mm box section
      • Supplied with 70mm stainless steel discus padlock with 2 keys
      • Very easy to use.

Driveway security posts

A driveway security post or a driveway security bollard may not be a common purchase, but it is one of the most effective security measures for your driveway. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs and property.

The nature of these security posts is that it is a tough and durable anti-theft device that you can count on. These are particularly helpful for those who want to secure their parking spaces, forecourts, and driveways.

They can even serve as a visual deterrent to stave off any potential thieves! These security posts work well to deter unauthorised vehicles that might trespass onto your parking space or any other area.

Security posts are a great security measure, and we have the best of them here at Vehicle Trackers and Security. Look around and get that extra sense of security with just one click!