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Security is of the greatest importance, even to larger vehicles such as vans. If you are looking for security solutions to safeguard your vans with, then you have come to the right place! Vehicle Trackers and Security has the most extensive choices for every kind of safety measure you will need for your van.

Van security products tend to be overlooked, but we believe that they are just as important as any other vehicle. We have carefully chosen the top products to help you have peace of mind wherever you may be.

These products are extremely strong and durable, making sure that you will be enjoying a worry-free ride with your van every single time. At Vehicle Trackers and Security, we value the trust you give us with every purchase, which is why we are confident that you will only be receiving the best of the best.

From loom guards, to electronic OBS immobilisers, you really will not need to look any further. We have everything that will strengthen van security in all forms.

On top of that, our customer support team is a chat away from answering any of your concerns. If you need help with making your choice, feel free to drop us a message!

We also offer free delivery and installation on van security products, all you need to do is set the time and date. With this convenience a click away, all that’s left is for you to shop around and find out which will work best with your needs.

    • ArmourShell

      • High security low maintenance semi-automatic system
      • Unique angled body deflects blows from a hammer
      • Inter-locking (anti jemmy) rear body
      • 45 Degree side door body chamfer allows the ArmourShell to fit side doors
      • Hardened steel, anti-drill inserts in the lock bodies
      • Anti-pick lock & hardened steel bolt
      • High quality anodised finish
      • Effective yet cosmetically discreet
      • Free shipping over £300
      • Free returns
      • Buy with confidence, all orders are processed securely
      • We aim to ship next day
      • This product has been independently tested and approved by Sold Secure
    • Bulldog BW600 Steering wheel lock

      • Drill and pick resistant lock.
      • Robust construction.
      • Highly Visible.
      • Department of Transport Approval.
      • Inside diameter of steering wheel rim. Min 320mm- Max 450mm approx. 4.1kg
      • (Overall length 780mm)
      • The Bulldog EM2000 Euroclamp is suitable for trucks with tyres 400mm - 500mm in width.
      • Fits in seconds without the use of a key.
      • High security drill and pick resistant lock.
      • Strengthened steel locking arms.
      • Portable and easily stored.
      • Sold Secure Gold Approval.
      • Insurance Approved.
    • Deadlock

      • Free shipping over £300
      • Free returns
      • Buy with confidence, all orders are processed securely
      • We aim to ship next day
      • This product has been independently tested and approved by Sold Secure
    • ECU Guard

      • Quick and easy installation
      • No user interaction required to ensure protection
      • High security anti-tamper fixings
      • Constructed from solid stainless steel - providing maximum protection for this vulnerable area
      • Supplied with one credit card and one tag type transponder
      • Stops key cloning and the use of electronic bypass devices
      • Close range transponder allowing the reader to be installed covertly behind a plastic interior trim
      • Utilises a Thatcham Approved Category 2 Immobiliser
      • Resin bonded small ECU with all black security wiring, flashing LED, pin code override
      • Isolates OBD Port/ECU communication
      • For fleet operators, override codes can be registered with ‘Secure My Code’ system
      • Supplied with anti-tamper fixing
      • Low maintenance
      • Easy installation – no specialist tools required
      • Prevents your vehicle from being stolen via the ignition module
      • Bright deterrent colour
    • Loom Guard

      • Instant Protection
      • No user input required to ensure protection
      • Solid aluminium construction ensures maximum protection
      • Bright visual deterrent
    • Mechlock Clutch Locking Mechanism - Pedal Locks Mechlock Clutch Locking Mechanism - Pedal Locks
      • Prevents gears from being engaged when activated
      • Designed for plant machinery, but can be used on older vehicles like the Land Rover Defender.
      • This product has been independently tested and approved by Thatcham.
    • Pedal Box

      • Universal design that fits most vulnerable vehicles
      • Transferrable from vehicle to vehicle – Ideal for hire companies
      • High visibility & visual deterrent
      • Handle for ease with fitting and transportation
      • Thatcham Accredited
      • Separate secure storage compartments for valuables (Satnav/ mobile phone)
      • Instant protection from vehicle removal in event of keys being lost or stolen
      • Integral high security lock
    • ProPlate

      • Door Specific Design Covers All Angles of Attack from a Screwdriver
      • Quick and Easy Installation—No Drilling or use of Adhesives
      • Secured to the Vehicle by the Existing Door Handle
      • Internal Deflection Plates Secure Manufacturer's Locking System
      • High Grade Stainless Steel Finish
      • Instant Protection from Vulnerable Area
      • Can be used to Re-Secure or Cover Damage after a Break In