Pedal Locks

/Pedal Locks
    • Centinel Clutch Claw - Pedal Locks Clutch Claw pedal lock pictured on a white background
      • Universal pedal box
      • Easy-to-install
      • Simple operation
      • Floor-mounted
      • Durable
      • Compact
      • Deterrent features
      • Re-usable
    • Mechlock Clutch Locking Mechanism - Pedal Locks Mechlock Clutch Locking Mechanism - Pedal Locks
      • Prevents gears from being engaged when activated
      • Designed for plant machinery, but can be used on older vehicles like the Land Rover Defender.
      • This product has been independently tested and approved by Thatcham.
    • Pedal Box

      • Universal design that fits most vulnerable vehicles
      • Transferrable from vehicle to vehicle – Ideal for hire companies
      • High visibility & visual deterrent
      • Handle for ease with fitting and transportation
      • Thatcham Accredited
      • Separate secure storage compartments for valuables (Satnav/ mobile phone)
      • Instant protection from vehicle removal in event of keys being lost or stolen
      • Integral high security lock