OBD Port protection

/OBD Port protection
      • Supplied with one credit card and one tag type transponder
      • Stops key cloning and the use of electronic bypass devices
      • Close range transponder allowing the reader to be installed covertly behind a plastic interior trim
      • Utilises a Thatcham Approved Category 2 Immobiliser
      • Resin bonded small ECU with all black security wiring, flashing LED, pin code override
      • Isolates OBD Port/ECU communication
      • For fleet operators, override codes can be registered with ‘Secure My Code’ system
      • Thatcham Quality Assured
      • Secure Key Registration Service now offered as an optional feature
      • Prevents your vehicle from being stolen via the OBD Port
      • Easy installation; no specialist tools required
      • Maintenance free
      • No user input required to ensure security of the vehicle