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Motorbike Theft prevention products.

Owning and driving a motorcycle is one of the best and most liberating feelings in the world, but it also comes with certain security risks. Motorcycles are highly susceptible to theft, even more so than cars. This is because they are not as bulky, and any passer-by that walks by can easily take advantage of its exposed parts. Ensure your pride and joy is secured with our top rated motorbike security products. 

      • This can be used with the flush fitting ground anchor or as a portable chain and lock for securing items of high value to permanent fixtures
      • British made 4ft long security case hardened alloy steel chain with 13mm diameter links and 16mm diameter end links.
      • Complete with flush fitting ground anchor and Bulldogs high security lock bolt.
      • Protective red sheathing.
      • Can not be bolt cropped by hand.
      • Ideal for securing your asset, be it a vehicle, or an outboard motor.
      • British made 6ft High security case hardened alloy steel chain with 13mm diameter links and 16mm diameter end links. Complete with flush fitting ground anchor and Bulldogs high security lock bolt.
      • Protective red sheathing
      • Cannot be bolt cropped by hand.
      • 1.5m long British made alloy steel chain that unlike other chains does not become brittle after case hardening.
      • 10mm diameter links case hardened for added security against cutting and cropping.
      • Protective red sheathing
      • Includes ground and security fasteners
      • Stainless steel padlock
      • Full height is 230mm above ground
      • A hole of 425mm neads to be dug below ground
      • Manufactured from heavy duty 70 x 70 x 3mm box section
      • 50mm internal dimension chain hole, which allows for most security chains to be fitted (Up to 13mm chain)
      • Zinc coated
      • The G1 anchor automatically stays in the upright position when in use
      • It can be locked in the upright position with 70mm discus padlock supplied
    • Price includes installation nationwide, at a time and place to suit you. Our engineers are approved by both SmarTrack as well as Thatcham...
      • 24/7 monitoring. SmarTrack’s control centre offers a full around the clock monitoring service.
      • Full Europe wide coverage.
      • Instant battery disconnect alert. Your bike tracker has inbuilt reserve battery in case it gets disconnected.
      • Free downloadable smartphone app. This allows you to track your bike from the palm of your hand.
      • 3-year warranty.
      • If at any point your motorbike is stolen, your Thatcham tracker will show the exact location of your bike in live time. All you need to do is alert our control centre. They will then communicate with the local police until your motorbike is recovered.
      • Once successfully located security guards will remain with the vehicle until recovered
      • The MotoTrak motorbike tracker is compatible and ideal for any model of bike.
      • Transferrable. If you sell your bike you can transfer your bike tracker to your new one.

Effective motorbike security products

Due to the fact motorbikes are highly prone to theft, it is vital for owners of such vehicles to take careful steps to ensure its security.

Keeping a motorbike safe and away from harm is definitely no easy task. This means that you should think of all possible situations and the corresponding steps you can take in order to keep your motorbike safe.

Check out our collection of the industry’s most trusted security products so that you will rest knowing that your vehicle is being protected by the best. Feel free to take a look around our site and find the appropriate security product for your motorbike.

At Vehicle Trackers and Security, you can purchase with confidence. We have curated the most effective products to ensure your motorcycle will be in safe hands. If you are still not sure which one would be best for you, our representatives are just a message away from helping you out!