Land Rover Tracker Trackstar S7


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Price includes installation nationwide, at a time and place to suit you. Our engineers are approved by both Trackstar and Thatcham.

  • Thatcham category 7 approved
  • Approved by most underwriters
  • Early warning alerts include motion sense
  • High security 24 hour monitoring
  • Extensive coverage throughout europe
  • Approved by Jaguar, BMW, Land Rover and Range Rover
  • Transferable to other vehicles


Land Rover Tracker Trackstar S7

Thatcham accredited, insurer approved and recommended by Land Rover, the Trackstar S7 Land Rover tracker is a vehicle tracker with a difference. Tailored to the needs of your powerful Land Rover, this innovative tracker provides a quick and effective response to theft if you’re unfortunate enough to be the victim of a car theft – and deters potential thieves.

Bespoke Land Rover tracking device

With the Trackstar S7 Land Rover tracker, there’s no need to worry about your vehicle’s whereabouts. The Control Centre is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so your vehicle is monitored at all times. If the worst was to happen and your Land Rover is stolen, the Control Centre will be alerted immediately, giving them time to contact the police in the local area.

The in-built GPS tracking feature provides you, and the control centre, with your vehicle’s exact location, speed and the direction in which it is travelling. So, there’s a much greater chance of the police locating your vehicle and recovering it – minimising the risk of losing your Land Rover.

Insurance approved

Trackstar trackers are accredited by Thatcham Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre. The innovative Land Rover tracking system has been awarded the S7 rating for its high standard and feature-rich technology. With a Trackstar tracker installed, you may be entitled to a discount on your insurance premium, as the device has a strong reputation for assisting vehicle recovery and avoiding the need for an insurance pay-out.

Installing the Trackstar S7 Land Rover tracker couldn’t be easier with our Thatcham accredited engineers. Simply place your order through the site or by phone, send us your full vehicle information via email and organise an installation slot. We will visit you at a location of your choice, whether it’s at home, at work or at the local dealership, you can choose a suitable spot for a quick and easy installation.

Track your Land Rover with Trackstar

The Trackstar App gives Trackstar customers a range of powerful functions, keeping you constantly in control and up to date with your vehicle’s location. Check your Land Rover’s last known location, review a list of recent journeys or replay a journey to check the speed of your car or its position on the road – perfect for those keeping tabs on their teenager’s driving!

Want to restrict where your car can go? It couldn’t be easier with the Trackstar App. Simply set a geofence around your most commonly driven areas and your app will alert you instantly if your Land Rover is tracked outside of that predetermined location. So, any unauthorised movement will be recognised, with both you and the Control Centre being notified. The police can be alerted quickly to increase your chances of recovering your Land Rover.


Trackstar S7 Land Rover tracker systems provide a comprehensive range of features to make vehicle tracking a breeze:

  • Round the clock protection – The Control Centre is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for constant protection
  • Insurance approved – Most insurers recommend and approve the Trackstar S7, potentially reducing your insurance premium
  • UK wide endorsement – All police forces in the UK use, endorse and recommend Trackstar trackers to locate vehicles
  • Battery alerts – Receive an alert if your battery is disconnected or running low, with a backup battery in case of theft
  • Automatic activation – There’s no need to worry about forgetting to switch your tracker on with automatic activation when your engine is turned off

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3 reviews for Land Rover Tracker Trackstar S7

  1. Giuseppe Looby

    No more worrying about leaving your car in shady places!
    This tracker is even endorsed by police authorities, and they’ll be instantly alerted in case your car gets stolen. No more worrying about leaving your car in shady places!

  2. Ferdinand Michell

    The round the clock protection!
    The round the clock protection this tracker provides gives me a sense of security no matter where I am.

  3. Ezekiel Justice

    Perfect for safety!
    My teenage son recently learned how to drive and having this tracker on our Land Rover helps us keep tabs on his driving activity easily. Perfect for safety!

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