Keyless theft deterrent products

/Keyless theft deterrent products

A range of products to counter the trend for Relay Crime/keyless theft

Vehicle theft is on the rise in modern vehicles for the first time in 20 years, the main reason this is happening is due to ‘keyless’ or ‘relay’ theft.

    • Anti Scan (RFID) Signal blocker wallet - Car security Anti Scan (RFID) Signal blocker wallet

      Anti Scan (RFID) Signal blocker wallet

      • HOW DOES IT WORK? 
      • Supplied with one credit card and one tag type transponder
      • Stops key cloning and the use of electronic bypass devices
      • Close range transponder allowing the reader to be installed covertly behind a plastic interior trim
      • Utilises a Thatcham Approved Category 2 Immobiliser
      • Resin bonded small ECU with all black security wiring, flashing LED, pin code override
      • Isolates OBD Port/ECU communication
      • For fleet operators, override codes can be registered with ‘Secure My Code’ system
    • Disklok Steering wheel lock

      • Sold Secure approved
      • Prevent airbag theft from modern vehicles
      • Deter electronic theft of modern vehicles
      • Suitable for all vehicles
      • Sophisticated Driver Identification Technology
      • Anti Key Cloning Immobilisation - No Tag No Start
      • Advance Driver Recognition (ADR) System supplied with 2 driver ID tags
      • Endorsed by all Police Authorities
      • Insurance approved – may reduce premiums
      • Global protection 365 days 24/7
      • The only Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover and BMW approved tracker
      • Approved by over 20 major car manufacturers
      • Recovery of assets from as little as 8 minutes!
      • Battery Back-up