Jaguar Tracker Trackstar Cat 5


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Price includes installation nationwide, at a time and place to suit you. Our engineers are approved by both Trackstar and Thatcham.

  • Thatcham Category 5 Approved
  • Pan-European service
  • Protects vehicle from key theft
  • Early warning theft alerts including Motion sensing & Tow at height
  • Battery disconnect alert
  • Tamper alert




The tracking unit comes with a unique and wireless tag. In the event that this tag is not present, the tracking system will immediately alert you once the car is driven off. After this, an attempt to contact the driver to verify the theft situation is made. If it is established that your Jaguar is stolen, the car is instantly tracked.

This is particularly designed to avoid incidents involving “key theft”, which is the leading culprit for thefts that involve brand new vehicles. It also gives you a sense of security that the police will be notified the soonest.

The alarming trend among vehicle thieves is to steal the driver’s keys. However, if you have Trackstar, you won’t have to worry about this because without the Driver Authentication Device, the vehicle owner and police authorities will be alerted instantly. This decreases the likelihood of a stolen vehicle




The five steps to repatriate your Jaguar

  1. The Jaguar tracker utilises a wireless tag. This means that your Jaguar will not start unless the tags are present. This provides you with an added layer of protection against any form of key duplicates or electronic intervention.
  2. In the case that your vehicle is moved without your consent, the tracker will alert the Control Centre with its exact location. The vehicle tracker also includes a full battery back-up so your Jaguar will be covered even if the battery is switched off or disconnected.
  3. Once it has been proven that your Jaguar is stolen, a non-stop signal is sent from your stolen vehicle. The tracker inside your vehicle utilises GPS positioning to determine the speed, direction, and exact location of your stolen car.
  4. You won’t have to worry about down time because the Control Centre is active all year round, 24 hours a day. At the instant your Jaguar is stolen, police authorities will be immediately contacted.
  5. Once the police retrieve your Jaguar, it will be returned to you at the earliest opportunity.



Accredited by Thatcham Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, this Trackstar vehicle tracker is a security product that is insurance approved. Most insurance providers even offer you bigger discounts by having security measures such as this vehicle tracker installed.




To give you an extra boost of confidence, every purchase comes with the Trackstar app that you can download in order to get powerful functions that work hand-in-hand with your vehicle tracker.

Here are some of the perks of the Trackstar app:

Vehicle Location: The app will display the last known location of your vehicle, whether it is parked or stolen.

Geofencing: This feature allows you to set parameters, and receive an e-mail or an alert is moved outside of your designated geofence.

Journey History: This app also allows you to take a look at where your vehicle’s been through a comprehensive journey history.

Journey Replay: The journey replay feature gives the user powerful insight by showing the position of the vehicle and its speed for the duration of the journey.

Why buy Trackstar?

  • Immediately secures your car as soon as the ignition is switched off
  • Highly recommended by vehicle manufacturers such as Jaguar and Jaguar
  • Has Thatcham accredited mobile engineers and covers every UK postcode
  • Approved by insurance providers and Thatcham CAT 5
  • Responsive 24-hour control centre
  • Trusted and endorsed by police forces
  • Back-up Battery
  • Includes motion sensor alerts
  • Alert for Battery disconnection
  • Effective and immediate vehicle recovery

How to install Trackstar?

  1. First, you have to place an order either by visiting our site, or calling us at 01489 325676
  2. After which, we will be requesting all the necessary information for your vehicle through e-mail, and let you know when we can install the tracker. Usually this occurs within 7 days, but allot 2 weeks just to be sure.


The subscription for Trackstar is £198 for a year, or £598 for 3 years payable upfront.

Not sure if this is the right product for you? Have a question and want to speak to an expert? No problem – email or call us now, for free no obligation advice. t: 01489 222980

10 reviews for Jaguar Tracker Trackstar Cat 5

  1. Adrian Robertson

    Good quality tracker.

  2. Karen Hendrry

    Puchasing this car tracker has given me tons of peace of mind! The Jaguar has always been my deam car so I’ve been hellbent on keeping it safe ever since I got it. Puchasing this car tracker has given me tons of peace of mind!

  3. Clive Schmidt

    Amazing price for an amazing product.

  4. Coy Urbanski

    Functions perfectly, thanks.

  5. Salvador Bence

    No regrets with this purchase! A car is an investment, and getting this tracker is going to make sure that my investment lasts me a long time. No regrets with this purchase!

  6. Alvaro Eckler

    Reliable, durable, and delivered fast. Thanks.

  7. Jamey Blassingame

    The Trackstar CAT 5 is amazing! It’s like it was built perfectly for a Jaguar

  8. Malik Buechler

    This tracker definitely met my expectations and more. My Jaguar is equipped with this tracker, and I’ve been less paranoid about my car ever since.

  9. Larry Likes

    Very cool and reliable features at a great price. The Journey Replay and Journey History feature of this tracker makes it worth every penny. Apart from keeping your vehicle secure, you’ll be able to get past data on it. Very cool and reliable features at a great price.

  10. Avery Raffa

    It has an exciting set of features!
    I just got my Jaguar tracker installed and I cannot stop saying good things about it. It has an exciting set of features that will definitely make you feel safe and that your car is secured no matter what. Thank you so much!

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