Disklok Steering wheel lock


  • Sold Secure approved
  • Prevent airbag theft from modern vehicles
  • Deter electronic theft of modern vehicles
  • Suitable for all vehicles


The Disklok…

This is the strongest and most visible way to immobilise your vehicle…

It is a full cover steering wheel lock, and has been proven time and again to be the most effective on the market.

The award winning Disklok has a long and proven history of outstanding performance, tried and tested against would-be car thieves and professional security testers. It is made entirely of steel, covering the entire wheel, and especially in yellow, makes the Disklok a highly visible deterrent. The Disklok has a fantastic reputation for the attack times it has achieved, outlasting every other steering wheel lock on the market today.

Something particularly unique about the Disklok is its ability to spin on the wheel when attacked, which ultimately prevents steering of the car, but also prevents damage to the steering wheel lock, a particularly weak point in any Defender. It also acts as a good additional deterrent of electronic theft of modern vehicles.

Disklok is the leading company for steering wheel protection this statement is based on selling the Disklok for over 20 years successfully! Disklok has won awards from Auto Express.

It has continually come out on top in any test it is included in.

Fitting Guide

Obviously you have decided on a Disklok for your vehicle, to add the ultimate visible layer in the fight against vehicle theft, but now you need to know the size! Manufacturers obviously don’t always choose the same size wheel across there range. We always advise owners to check the wheel in your car. To get the correct measurement you need measure across the centreline of the wheel from edge to edge.

It is important to select the correct size for your vehicle in order for the Disklok to offer its full protection. Vehicle manufacturers often produce different sized steering wheels across their range and can periodically change them from year to year therefore we advise you to measure your wheel before purchase. The correct measurement should be taken across the centre line of the wheel from outside edge to outside edge.Wheel Diamter

Disklok car logo


Typical Size

Small Disklok (35 – 38.9 CM)




Typical Size

Medium Disklok (39 – 41.5 CM)
Large Disklok (41.5 – 44 CM)



Typical Size

Small Disklok (35 – 38.9 CM)
Medium Disklok (39 – 41.5 CM)




Typical Size

Medium Disklok (39 – 41.5 CM)
Large Disklok (41.5 – 44 CM)



Please Note: Sometimes due to the weight of the disklok the lok may leave lay lines on softer steering wheels, these will return to normal when its removed. We sell a steering wheel cover to reduce the possibility of this occuring.

Certifications for the Disklok


Frequently Asked Questions


The disklok by its very nature is an incredibly prominent product, and the best and most visible theft deterrent available on the market. The Disklok is recognised as a leading product in securing your vehicle, and has been the market leader for over 20 years. It has won numerous industry awards for its resilience in vaehicle security tests and completely independent reviews.

Police forces through out the UK recomend it too…


Please look at the fitting guide above. Small generally fits 95% of cars, however we defineitely recomend a quick call to us if you’re not sure. But the measurement guide above should be helpful too…


Yes, all orders are trackable through the order process, we use DPDLocal, and you will get a one hour delivery time slot too. Please do get in touch if you haven’t received your order within the allotted timeframe.

All details are provided in the replacement key section below

Initially just check you are operating with the correct key. Also just check no dirt has got into the lock.

The key will look like this:

gallery-8Make sure the key is fully inserted. The barrel lock is a high security anti-drill lock and is made up of 10 disks which can sometimes become out of alignment. If this happens, the key will not be able to travel into the barrel sufficiently and therefore will only turn 45 degrees. Look down into the barrel lock to verify if a disk is crossing the key way. To rectify, insert the key as far as it will go then whilst applying downward pressure, wiggle the key from left to right repeatedly feeling for the key dropping further into the lock. NEVER OIL THE LOCK OR FORCE THE KEY WHEN TRYING TO UNLOCK THE DISKLOK. If you are using the correct key and the disks are all in alignment then please contact us for further assistance, please note, this is not a 24 hour helpline.


Due to the nature of the disklok design, it will rest the entire weight of the lock on the wheel. if you have a soft leather wheel, it can leave an imprint on the wheel, but this will go away in short time after a little use. We do advise using the steering wheel cover, to minimise this.

We don’t sell these direct, but can advise on where to buy these if you have a left hand drive vehicle.

Replacement keys/lock

If you have lost, damaged or require extra keys, then you can do so with us. Due to the high security level of the Disklok and the nature of what it is protecting, replacement keys can only be ordered through us.

Important information: We can only supply a replacement key if you have the key code number supplied on a metallic tag with the keys from purchase or from copying an original key. If you do not have an original key or the associated key code then we can offer to re-lock your Disklok – see below for further details. Disklok do not manufacture new keys on site for security reasons and there is only one location in the UK authorised to do so.

Costs: A replacement key is £14.00 and £7.00 each for any additional keys. This includes return postage by Royal Mail recorded delivery to a UK mainland address. If you are unsure please contact us for a quote.

Submitting a key code: You can place an order by post or telephone by quoting your original key code number. NOTE: the Disklok ID number on the inside of the disk is for manufacturing reference and is not related to the key number. Your order will be processed and delivered to you between 7-10 working days from receipt of your payment.

Submitting an original key: You can submit and original key to us by post for copying. Please send your key by recorded delivery along with your contact details and return address. Please enclose a cheque for the correct value to Festive Lights Ltd or call us with your card details. Please wrap your key to stop it puncturing through the envelope or use a padded version (a padded envelope is recommended). It is the customers responsibility to ensure the key arrives back to us safely. Your order will be processed and delivered back to you between 7-10 working days from receipt of your key. If you have paid by cheque, the key(s) will be posted back to you once payment has cleared.

Re-locking: If you are unfortunate enough to have mis-placed the original key code number and lost all of your keys, we can change the lock for a brand new one giving you 3 new keys with key code number. This service is performed in house only and will cost £35.00 including return courier postage.

NOTE: we can only perform a re-lock if the lock is open, i.e. the chrome part of the lock is not depressed into the handle. Please send your Disklok along with all your remaining keys if applicable by recorded delivery along with your contact details and return address. Your Disklok will be shipped back to you by courier therefore please make sure there is someone available to sign for the parcel between 9-5 at the return address you supply. Enclose a cheque for the correct value to Festive Lights Ltd or call us with your card details. Please package your Disklok suitably to avoid damage in the post. Your Disklok with be serviced and delivered back to you between 3-5 working days from receipt. If you have paid by cheque, the re-locked Disklok will be posted back to you once payment has cleared.

To return for re-locking please get in touch with us.

Not sure if this is the right product for you? Have a question and want to speak to an expert? No problem – email or call us now, for free no obligation advice. t: 01489 630025 e:info@vehicletrackersandsecurity.com

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm

Small, Medium, Large


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