When it comes to insurance-approved vehicle trackers, they fall into two categories: the S7 or S5 Vehicle Tracker. Most insurance companies will ask you to fit either of these two onto your car before they get covered by your insurance, so it will be best to know the difference between the two before you make your choice.

These two types of trackers are the newest Thatcham Approved security categories in terms of car insurance trackers. If you’re unfamiliar with these categories, one of the most pressing reasons as to why trackers keep being improved is to curtail the alarming rate of relay crime and car key theft in the UK.

For those seeking to boost their vehicle’s security, we’re here to give you an overview on these two trackers, and what sets them apart. By the end of this guide, you will be able to know which one will be the best fit for you and your needs!

s5 s7 tracker comparison

Thatcham Approved S7 Tracker

The S7 Thatcham approved tracker is slated to replace the CAT 6 Tracker. However, if your car has this older tracker installed, you don’t need to worry about it malfunctioning. It will still remain functional and valid, even if insurance policies require the S7 tracker.

Since it is the newest and most advanced, the S7 tracker is the standard requirement when it comes to theft recovery systems. Its reliability and durability are the reasons why is has become the most commonly fitted tracking device.

S7 Tracker Features

  • 24/7 Control Room Monitoring

You’ll get peace of mind knowing that a round-the-clock team is keeping tabs on the safety of your vehicle. In the event of theft, a well-trained and experienced team is ready to alert the police.

  • Worldwide Coverage

Even if the car thief makes it out of the country, you will still be able to track them down. Apart from being a security measure, it also provides you with ease of access since you will be able to enjoy the tracker’s security even if you use your car out of the country.

  • Motion Alert

Anytime that your vehicle is moved without your consent, the control room will instantly be notified. With this, they won’t get far even if they manage to get the ignition started.

Thatcham Approved S5 Tracker

The S5 tracker is essentially the S7, with this added benefit:

  • Automatic Driver Recognition, or ADR

Automatic Driver Recognition may be the only thing added on to the features of the S7, but it is definitely worth the update.

ADR is the most efficient and effective way to be on guard against threats of key theft or cloning. What the ADR essentially does is that the owner of the vehicle is given a small ADR fob, along with one other spare, that will identify you as the authorised driver of the vehicle.

If ever your care is moved without the presence of the ADR fob nearby, the control room is then notified to verify if theft is being performed.

Thatcham Approved S5 Plus Tracker

Sitting comfortably at the top of the tier is the S5 Plus Tracker. It is the highest level of the Thatcham approved theft recovery.

It is a new and improved version of the S5, with the added edge of remote police authorised immobilisation.

  1. Remote Police Authorised Immobilisation

Essentially, this is the power of the attending police officers to green light the control room to temporarily immobilise the vehicle in times when theft may possibly taking place.

Since Thatcham approved trackers are becoming the norm, vehicle owners are discovering the great benefits of getting these fitted.

These security trackers are the best way you can ensure the safety of your vehicle. Not only will it protect your car, it will give you a stronger sense of security wherever you are.

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