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The recent increase in classic car thefts, has prompted us to look into products that can be used effectively to reduce the risk of theft, and in the event of being stolen, return the vehicle to you, the owner.

We see the following as the main options when considering 'beefing up' you security on your classic.

  1. Mechanical device can be used  to clamp a wheel, lock the steering, gearstick, handbrake or foot pedals
  2. A removable steering wheel.
  3. Disable the electrics using a hidden switch
  4. A tracking device
  5. Alarm
  6. Additional methods you can employ for free...

If your car is targeted by a criminal  it may be a random opportunist theft or could be stolen to order. If the latter they are likely to have done their  homework and will have a much greater chance  of success. All methods of prevention are designed to buy time, the longer the thief is at the car trying to get it started, the higher the chance of being caught, obviously! A determined thief may actually be prepared to winch the car into a van or on to a  trailer, so we always advise of fitting a tracker to every vehicle, because this can be detected as soon as movement is detected.

Mechanical devices offer a great visual deterrent, while not to be relied upon on there own, used in conjunction with a number of other items, they will help to slow the thief down, and may even warn away the opportunist full stop.

A battery cut off switch Will help to keep the thief guessing for a while, yes they may carry the plastic keys, but we can supply a number of options with your own unique higher security key.

A tracking device we supply the classic tracker which has a number of built in functions that allow you to be able to track your vehicle effectively, and also reliably, for example, the threshold for an alert if the battery is disconnected, is usually quite high on standard trackers, however on the classic tracker, this is set a lot lower. 

Additional methods

Removing the rotor arm when leaving the  vehicle will deter many opportunist thieves.

Cutting the fuel supply by solenoid  valve and a hidden switch would not prevent the car being started so would not arise suspicion but would soon cause the engine to stall, be aware this may cause damage to the car, kits are available on eBay.

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