Centinel Clutch claw pedal lock

Centinel Clutch claw pedal lock


  • Universal pedal box
  • Easy-to-install
  • Simple operation
  • Floor-mounted
  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Deterrent features
  • Re-usable


The Centinel Clutch Claw…

Introducing the Centinel Clutch Claw – a fast, easy and convenient way to bolster your car’s security. The floor-mounted pedal box can be adjusted to fit any pedals on any vehicle, making it ideal for car fanatics with several vehicles, car dealers who buy and sell a number of different models, or just anyone who doesn’t want to buy a new pedal box when they change cars!

Pedal lock security

Security isn’t compromised one bit with this universal pedal box. The Clutch Claw is constructed from high grade steel. Translation? It can withstand more than half an hour of attacks before thieves gain access to your car. Unlike steering wheel locks, its design makes it impossible to tackle from a sitting position, eliminating the chance of thieves trying discreetly remove the device.

In short, anyone trying to remove the device will be visibly doing so – making it easier to spot them. That’s over thirty minutes where thieves can be detected, reported and caught. More importantly, it’s thirty minutes where they can’t drive away with your car.

Floor mounted pedal box

The Centinel Clutch Claw is refreshingly simple to use. Simply place the pedal box underneath your pedals and adjust the pegs to fit around your car’s pedals. The top box will slot on top of the pegs, forming a rigid claw around your clutch, brake and accelerator pedals.

The pedals will be firmly locked in place, making it impossible for anyone to drive your car. To remove the box, simply insert your unique key, turn to unlock the device and remove the top box and bottom bar.

Universal pedal box

The Clutch Claw is truly universal. Its pegs can be adjusted to fit almost any vehicle, from a lightning fast sports car to a Land Rover or even a large truck from your commercial fleet. Best of all, they can be unscrewed and re-adjusted should you wish to use the Clutch Claw on a different vehicle.

Translation? You get high-security and theft prevention for life, with a product that’s built to last. To fit the pedal box in a different vehicle, simply unfasten the screws and re-adjust.

Clutch Claw added features

Ideally, you want to completely prevent any attempt to access your vehicle. The Centinel Clutch Claw comes with visible features to help deter criminals. First of all, you’ll get branded window stickers to make it clear that your vehicle has a pedal box installed.

On top of that, the device itself is complete with a high-visibility yellow design and flashing LED to show people that your car is protected.

So, chances are you won’t even have to worry about smashed windows or broken doors on your vehicle.


The Centinel Clutch Claw is packed full of impressive features for maximum vehicle security:

  • Universal pedal box – The Clutch Claw can be installed in almost any vehicle
  • Easy-to-install – Fit the pedal box to your vehicle in minutes by screwing in pegs
  • Simple operation – Once set-up is complete, the device can be activated and removed with ease. Simply push down to lock and use a key to remove.
  • Floor-mounted – The pedal box sits under your pedals, meaning criminals can’t access it from a sitting position
  • Durable – Clutch Claw’s high-grade steel can withstand over 30 minutes of attack
  • Compact – When not in use, the Clutch Claw can be stored easily in your boot, or even under the seat of your car.
  • Deterrent features – Comes with window stickers, high-visibility yellow design and a flashing LED to deter criminals
  • Re-usable – Pegs can be re-adjusted to fit the Clutch Claw to a different vehicle

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