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We are authorised dealers for the BMW Approved Trackers, as such we can help you cut the costs of buying a tracker through the main dealer. These trackers ensure you know where your vehicle is at any given time, and due to motion sensor technology it can provide an early warning alert, so this tracker is proactive as well as reactive. It is also possible to recover the vehicle quicker, which has been as low as 8 minutes…

    • BMW Tracker Trackstar Cat 5

      Price includes installation nationwide, at a time and place to suit you. Our engineers are approved by both … Trackstar and Thatcham approved.
      • Thatcham Category 5 Approved
      • Pan-European service
      • Protects vehicle from key theft
      • Early warning theft alerts including Motion sensing & Tow at height
      • Battery disconnect alert
      • Tamper alert
    • BMW Tracker Trackstar S7

      Price includes installation nationwide, at a time and place to suit you. Our engineers are approved by both Trackstar and Thatcham.
      • Thatcham category 7 approved
      • Approved by most underwriters
      • Early warning alerts include motion sense
      • High security 24 hour monitoring
      • Extensive coverage throughout europe
      • Approved by Jaguar, BMW, Land Rover and Range Rover
      • Transferable to other vehicles
      • Sophisticated Driver Identification Technology
      • Anti Key Cloning Immobilisation - No Tag No Start
      • Advance Driver Recognition (ADR) System supplied with 2 driver ID tags
      • Endorsed by all Police Authorities
      • Insurance approved – may reduce premiums
      • Global protection 365 days 24/7
      • The only Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover and BMW approved tracker
      • Approved by over 20 major car manufacturers
      • Recovery of assets from as little as 8 minutes!
      • Battery Back-up

The Trackstar range is approved by BMW for very good reason

The price of all our BMW trackers includes fitting of the device to your vehicle by a Thatcham approved engineer. We can carry out Installation at your home or work address on any weekday to suit you. We can sell up to three years subscriptions, or you can buy a year and top it up when this runs out. Furthermore, if you choose to change vehicle within your subscription contract, then this tracker is transferable for a small fee.

This BMW tracker comes with a few features that provide an extra level of reassurance. Firstly, tracking is European-wide as standard. Secondly, there’s a full battery back-up to keep your vehicle protected should thieves disconnect the battery. When activated, the tracker sends the position of your vehicle every 20 seconds! So it doesn’t matter where your vehicle is taken when stolen, it can be found and recovered by the relevant authorities.

Our trackers are suitable for all makes and models, so why take a risk with your BMW? Buy one of our trackers today.