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By William French November 13, 2018

Car theft can and does happen so it’s best you are prepared ahead of time for it as it would make recovering the car a whole lot easier.

Today, the best way to protect yourself in case of car theft is by installing a tracking device on the vehicle. Tracking devices provide instantaneous data on speed and location, and more advanced ones give real-time alerts when the vehicle deviates from its designated path. 

Tracking devices come in different varieties, and the one you decide to install depends largely on your budget and on the nature of tracking you wish to do. Usually, the more expensive tracking devices tend to have more features on them but this in no way makes the less expensive ones ineffective as they do an excellent job of tracking vehicles. 

Models like the Tracker Locate, Trackstar Cat 5, Tracker Monitor and the Tracker Cat 5 Plus are the more expensive tracking devices. Tracking devices like the Trackstar Category 6, Tracker Retrieve, Defender Defender and the Classic Tracker are mid-priced, costing between £235 and £299. Then there’s the Bulldog range of tracking devices which are mid-low priced and well known for being rugged. 

With over 1.5 million vehicle thefts recorded each year, a majority of vehicles are never recovered when stolen and having a tracker on means you can instantly locate your vehicle if it gets stolen. The tracking devices above represent the most effective, user-friendly and cost-effective options you would find in the market today. Also, they do not require any technical knowledge to use them as they come ready for installation. By simply logging in to your mobile phone or computer, you can get information on your cars exact location, tracking history and speed. 

In addition to having a tracking device pre-installed on your vehicle, there are some things you must do as soon as you notice your car has been stolen: 

•    First, you put a call through to your local police to lay a complaint. You will be asked to provide your vehicle registration number, make and model, and colour so you should have this information handy. When you do this, you will get a crime reference number which you would need to file an insurance claim. 

•    The next thing you do would be to call your insurance company, and they will tell you how to file an insurance claim. 

•    Finally, you would need to say to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) when your insurance company pays out a claim for the stolen vehicle. Usually, after you report to you’re the police, they inform the DVLA of the theft and recovery (if found) to protect against insurance fraud. You can inform the DVLA of your insurance claim either online or by filling section 9 of your logbook (V56). 

No one ever wishes their vehicle gets stolen, but it’s important you are prepared in case it does, and by having a tracker on and knowing what steps to take in case your vehicle goes missing, you are pretty much covered.

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