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Top tips for securing your desirable vehicle...

By William French September 02, 2018

If you own a desirable car it is clear to see this isn't desirable for just you. Unfortunately these cars are as much a target as they ever were. Since 2014, car crime has risen by 30 percent... 

With car thieves finding new ways to make car crime work for them, such as the 'pinch and park' trend, sadly, it isn't a problem that's going away any time soon. 

The obvious thought process is that you have a great standard factory alarm and immobiliser. Sadly though, as soon as these systems are released, they are immediately researched and once overcome, can be used on any similar vehicle with standard factory alarms and immobilisers. There's so much more security available, than just pressing the button and walking away.

Check it’s locked, and check again

You can hear the central locking activating in most modern cars. Stay close and listen as you press the remote button to lock your car, and make sure you hear the central locking activate. Many modern cars also feature a visual signal, in the form of flashing indicators. If yours is set up like this, make sure those indicators do flash. 

If the car doesn't lock, it could be as simple as the fob not working properly. It might mean your locking isn't activating when it should, leaving your car unlocked and unprotected; if you have an alarm fitted, the likelihood is this won't be activated either. 

But the cause could be something more sinister. Thieves use remote locking jammers to target cars – preventing the signal from your fob from reaching the car, and ensuring it stays unlocked so that they can steal whatever’s inside.

If you’re in any doubt whatsoever, it doesn’t hurt to double check the car’s locked. A good way to do this is to pull the door handle before you walk away.

This can take the form of pins on the top of the internal door panels which drop down when the car is locked, or catches on the internal handle which flip inwards toward the door. On some cars, the handles themselves move inwards when it's in the locked position. 

So if you've got a keyless entry system fitted to your car, get to know how your internal catches work, and check them through the windows before walking away, there are some great products that allow you to keep the funtionality of the keyless operation but prevent it from being such a vulnerable way of stealing cars. The keyless protector is available here...

But checking your central locking is working correctly isn't the only thing you can do to help stop thieves from stealing your valuables, or indeed, the car itself. Here are a few more top tips worth thinking about.

Park in the right place

You’re obviously going to feel nervous about leaving your car in a dodgy-looking area, but car crime can be a problem in the nicest parts of town.

If you’re parking on your driveway or in a car park, make sure you park as close as possible to your home or another occupied building. And if you’re in a restaurant or pub, try and park where there’s a view of your car from inside. Even if you’re not able to get a seat by a window, someone else might notice something untoward going on.

At the shops, meanwhile, try to park close to the main entrance and in amongst other cars – thieves are more likely to strike a car that’s on its own at the end of a car park than one that’s mixed in with all the rest, where other shoppers are regularly walking past.

Hide your belongings

Sounds like an obvious one, doesn’t it? But you’d be amazed how many people don’t bother. Satnav systems are the most obvious trinkets that get left on display, but mobile phones, wallets and cash are also theft magnets.

Add to your security equipment

If you drive a modern car, the chances are it comes with an alarm and an immobiliser. But there are plenty of other ways to protect your pride and joy. Steering wheel locks, which fit over your steering wheel and hold them in place so that a thief can’t steer properly, aren’t infallible, but they do provide a deterrent for opportunistic thieves. Locks that do the same job for your gearstick or your pedals are also available.

Or if you’ve got a little more money to spend, why not consider a tracking device? You’ll pay upfront for the device to be installed and then pay a small annual subscription fee, but if your car is stolen, the police will be able to locate it.

Use the security features your car already has

Modern cars are full of clever security features, but you might not use – or even be aware of – all of them. For instance, did you know that many modern cars have systems which enable them to lock automatically as you pull away? Enabling these systems will help protect you against car-jackings – surely one of the scariest possible ways of having your car stolen.

What’s more, some modern cars have lights that will stay on for a set time – usually 30 seconds – after you’ve left them. These systems are great for getting you to your door safely and ensuring someone isn’t lurking in the shadows. Check your user manual to see whether you have such a system fitted to your car and to find out how to activate it.

Think about where you keep your keys, and use an RFID pocket

Car security systems have advanced so far now that the easiest way for a thief to steal the car is often to steal the keys themselves. This can mean picking them from your pocket, or even stealing them from your house. Or more importantly they thief may have a relay signal booster which will replicate the signal from the key to allow entry into the car, then use the OBD port tot ake it away, We sell RFID pockets to prevent this action from the word go.

Have you ever come out to your car to find its number plates missing? It’s more than just a minor inconvenience if it does happen to you – you should report it to the police immediately.

Some criminals are stealing car number plates and then fitting them to their own similar-looking cars to perform crimes, such as filling up with fuel at a petrol station and driving off without paying. They know the police will check CCTV footage and come and talk to you about a crime you had nothing to do with. So if you spot your number plates are missing, it’s essential that you report it.

Don’t leave your car running unattended

It might seem like you’ll be away from the car for such a short time that it’s not worth turning the engine off – perhaps you’re just popping into a shop, or are dashing into the house to pick up something you left behind. But an opportunist thief only needs a couple of seconds to have your pride and joy away.

The same goes if you’re de-icing your car on a cold winter morning – some thieves won’t think twice about running you down as they jump into the driver’s seat and speed off.

And if your car’s stolen while it’s been left running like this, your insurance will be invalidated – so not only will you go through the hassle and stress of losing your car, but you won’t get any payout.

And if the worst happens...

...and your car is stolen, get a friend or a relative to drive you around the local area. Check down side streets, in public car parks and look for areas where thieves might like to hide a car.

The "pinch and park" trend means that thieves nowadays are resorting to stealing a car by burgling the keys, and then parking it up somewhere else for a short period. The reason they do this is to check the car hasn't got a tracking device. If it's still there after a couple of weeks, the chances are it hasn't - so the thieves can safely return to collect the car without the risk of a tracking device leading the police straight to them.

So if your car is stolen, it makes sense to check the local area as thoroughly as you can. You never know – you might just find it parked up in a side road.


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