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What Are the Best Car Trackers for Insurance?

By Chris Twyman March 21, 2019

The best car trackers for insurance offer drivers who invest in them a range of different benefits. That’s exactly why the practice of installing these clever gizmos in a newly-purchased car or van is becoming more and more commonplace.

Car trackers not only provide conscientious employers and worried parents with real-time information about where their staff or children are driving, they also make it easier to locate a stolen vehicle and increase the likelihood of getting it back. This can have significant advantages when it comes to insurance.

Read on as we discuss insurance-approved car trackers – and look at some of the best car trackers for insurance.

How do the car trackers works?

As well as easing stress levels and reuniting stolen cars with their rightful owners, car trackers can also involve attractive insurance advantages. Since a car that is equipped with a tracker is more likely to be returned to its owner, this means that it’s less likely an insurance provider will have to pay out in the event of a theft. That leads to significant savings with regards to your insurance premiums.

In fact, there are a number of different products available that have been specifically approved by insurance providers due to the variety and accuracy of the information they capture. Some providers may even insist that a vehicle has an insurance-approved device installed before they will offer a quote.

If you are considering investing in a tracker for your own vehicle, even if just for security purposes, it makes sense to opt for an insurance-approved tracker to ensure you can access the additional benefits that these gadgets bring.

Here is a rundown of some of the best car trackers for insurance on the market, alongside a quick description of their capabilities and features. All prices are listed for trackers alone, without additional subscription package fees.

Top Car Trackers for Insurance:

1. Tracker Retrieve - £249.00

Approved by Thatcham Insurance (category S7), the Tracker Retrieve is the one of the first and most trusted vehicle tracking products on the market. Using Very High Frequency (VHF) technology, the tracker is more sophisticated than models which simply use Global Positioning System (GPS) or Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and can monitor the location of your vehicle even when underground or in an enclosed space, like an underground car park or shipping container.

This particular model comes equipped with its own power source, meaning it is ideal for vehicles which are used infrequently or do not have their own power. Since it does not have to be connected to the vehicle’s power supply, it can also be concealed with greater ease, making it inconspicuous in the event of a theft. Should such an unfortunate scenario occur, the Tracker team will switch on the VHF signal and effectively home in on the device using their own radio network built specifically for the task.

As such, the Tracker Retrieve represents an attractive entry-level product which is perfect for drivers who are more concerned about recovering their vehicle in the event of a theft than ones which wish to monitor driving performance and access real-time statistics. Thanks to its own power source, it is especially useful for cars, vans, quad bikes or other motorised vehicles which are used infrequently, or unpowered assets such as horseboxes and trailers.

2. Vodafone Protect and Connect 6 - £549.00

A step up from other entry-level car trackers, the Vodafone Protect and Connect 6 is also approved by Thatcham Insurance (category S5) and comes with a number of additional security, performance and user-friendly features. For starters, purchase of the product includes access to both a website and app function which allows vehicle owners to pinpoint the location of their vehicle with a 10m-radius degree of accuracy, allowing for fast and easy recovery and reducing stress levels.

It also automatically performs a health check upon itself and continually communicates that information to its central control unit, guaranteeing that it is always working at peak levels of performance. With both GPS and GSM coverage across all of Europe and both Russia and South Africa, the Vodafone Protect and Connect 6 is perfect for drivers who venture onto the continent and beyond. Accordingly, its technology is supported by both British and European police forces.

Finally, this particular model comes with a range of different security features which will alert you in the event of suspicious activity. The tow-alert automatically triggers when the tracker detects motion while the ignition is inactive, while the tamper alert notifies its control centre when the battery is removed or any of its wires are cut. Lastly, the jamming alert warns the authorities when thieves use a jamming device to try and scramble its GPS or GSM signals.

3. Teletrac Navman Trackstar Cat 5 - £699.00

As the only car tracker company that is approved by BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover, Teletrac Navman are a brand recognised for their superior quality in vehicle tracking devices. This particular model is Thatcham Insurance-approved (category 5) and provides global coverage via its use of both GPS and GSM signalling. It offers a 365-days-a-year, 24-hours-a-day security operations centre (SOC) with helpline, affording you round-the-clock assistance and protection for your assets.

Drivers can take advantage of the wireless tagging technology which allows them to pair their vehicle with a small wireless tag. In the event that the car is driven away but the tag is not present (for example, if the keys have been cloned), an alert will be sent to the SOC, who will immediately verify if a theft has taken place and then take steps to monitor the vehicle’s location and work alongside the local authorities to bring about its safe recovery.

Additionally, drivers can access real-time information about their vehicle on the app or via the website and can view detailed data (including speed and direction) of the car’s last journey. What’s more, the tracker also has the capability of creating a geofence. The driver can specify a geographical area in which the car must stay at all times. In the event that it is driven out of that geofenced zone, an alert will be sent to the SOC.

Find the right insurance-approved car tracker for you

VTA Security supplies and installs a vast range of car trackers, with products suitable for any requirements and budget. Take a look at our full range of car trackers to find the right product for you and your vehicle.

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