Theft of all cars increases by 117% between January and October 2019, over 2018 figures for the same period.

Recent Statistics have shown a dramatic increase in high end cars being stolen. In fact the amount of reported thefts of high cars has doubled over the last five years…

Direct line has looked into figures between January and October 2019. The insurance industry as a whole saw claims for 14300 thefts in the UK, up by 117 percent from 2018, where there were 6,600 claims in the same period. Furthermore, there is a rather scary statistic that fewer than half of all stolen cars are recovered by the police.

A vehicle is being stolen every 38 minutes on average… There have been over 67,000 claims for luxury cars in the last five years, this has accounted for 37% of all car theft claims in the UK

In the 2019 second quarter, there were 1.9 million more licensed cars on the road, than in the second quarter of 2015, 1.7 million of these are classed by direct line as premium brands – Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Lotus, Maserati, Mercedes, MINI, Porsche, Tesla, TVR, and Volvo.

The number of theft claims is still particularly significant. Of the 117 percent increase in overall theft claims, 26 percent is for Luxury vehicles.

The most amazing statistic is that there have been more premium car thefts from January to October 2019 than in 2015 as a whole. Figures interestingly, usually spike int he winter, October can often see increases of 25% over an average month… 71 % of thefts are from owners home addresses, and 34% of these occur in London…

Head of Motor Insurance at Direct Line has said, “Many owners believe that parking in their driveway can be an effective deterrent to thieves, though our research shows that parking in driveways does not deter thieves.”

The biggest reason for this statistical rise in car crime is two fold… with police forces over stretched, there is less resource to try to combat these gangs, but the problem really stems from systems used by vehicle manufacturers

This comes after criminals in the UK were found to be using WhatsApp group chats to plan and execute car thefts, with culprits drawing up ‘shopping lists’ of models which are then stolen to order.

Some of our top tips below for protecting your vehicle:

Keep your car locked 

Sounds very obvious! However, DirectLine warns some modern locking systems are so sophisticated it can be difficult to hear the click when the vehicle locks.

Motorists should always check their vehicle is secure before leaving it unattended, Also, never leave the engine running unattended to warm the car in the morning, apart from being illegal, this is obviously just asking for trouble!

Invest in technology 

Investing in locks for a steering wheel, pedal and gears are easy to install and put criminals off trying to steal a car.

Tracking devices and CCTV cameras also deter criminals and can help law police track a vehicle if it is stolen.

Protect your keys 

DirectLine urges motorists to always keep their car keys out of sight so motorists cannot grab them easily.

Keyless car theft is a growing problem for manufacturers as criminals use sophisticated technology to break code on a locked car to gain easy access.

DirectLine urge motorists to invest in a Faraday Pouch which shields your key from the cyber technology to avoid them hacking into a car.

Park sensibly 

Road users should park in a well-lit and populated area when possible as this can deter thieves from trying to steal your car.

Criminals will target areas where they have a chance to not get caught and will mainly focus on vehicles which have parked out of sight on a quiet side road.

Products that can help…

We at VTA Security would recommend vehicle owners to take measure to ensure their vehicles stay safe. Simple and effective devices include the ‘Keyless protector’, Disklok and the S5 Advance tracker. All designed to offer the most convenience alongside increased security…